A Professional in Many Disciplines.

I love digital art and logistics. Spending over a decade in post-production VFX, it has given me the opportunity to work in other industries at several capacities. 

I’m artistic and heavily computer oriented. I can deliver anything from a simple touch up to a full-fledged visual effects shot ready for air. With Photography and Retouching in my arsenal, I navigate the digital media world very well. Let me also shed light on the fact I’m very logistical and analytical. My radar is to find inconsistencies so I can develop and execute a solution. It’s creative problem solving with aesthetic allure. I have a strong work ethic with a friendly demeanor. I will bring my mastery of knowledge and skill sets to the table to make the most out of every opportunity given to me.
12+ years as a VFX artist:

– compositor, 3d modeling (Maya), lighting, photo retoucher, TV, Film, commercials, interstitials, advertising/marketing, magazine and education. 

– Career encapsulates 3D animator for PBS, Stereoscopic Compositor for Harry Potter (as well as many other films), VFX TD for Warner Bros. Animation, Retoucher for 3 Satellite Magazine Issues & High End Clients as well as Onset VFX Supervisor on many independent projects. 

– Interim College Professor. Teaching digital lighting and VFX,Created instructional manuals to private clients, worked onset within many roles of production Senior Retoucher and Project Manager for MVC Agency

– Proficient in computer rendering/creative programs: Maya, Mocha, Nuke, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere)

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Look at what more than a few of satisfied clients have to say about Brian Murphy’s Digital Artistry.


Custom Design Guide and Manual for Photoshop 
“Brian’s extraordinary Photoshop skills are equaled to his impressive ability to communicate. Coming from the marketing world, I can say that this is an absolute plus when it comes to working with a designer, His simple, patient and effective approach makes him an individual I’ll be sure to work with again in the future.”
– Ruben ( Private Client)


VFX Blood Work
“Brian was very helpful in solving FX problems at all stages of production. He works fast and will make sure you’re happy with his work, which he obviously takes great pride in.”
– Aaron (Private Client)